Conflict Between Romeo And Juliet

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Juliet is responsible the tragedy within the play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. As a thirteen year-old, Juliet is overprotected by the Capulets which leads to her love with Romeo. However, her effort to not inform the Capulets about her love nor marriage due to the feud between the two families stimulated tremendous amounts of unnecessary conflicts. Neither Paris nor Lord Capulet know about the hidden marriage as they plan for the wedding on Thursday. In Excerpt Three, Paris states, “ Now , sir, her father counts it dangerous That she do give her sorrow so much sway, And in his wisdom hastes our marriage,” (4.1.9-10). Lord Capulet wants to marry Juliet and Paris to calm her down and prevent further emotions she has towards Tybalt’s death. In this excerpt, Master Shakespeare uses dramatic…show more content…
She cares more for her love and wishes. In Excerpt Two, Juliet states, “Comfort me; counsel me. - Alack, alack, that heaven should practice stratagems Upon so soft a subject as myself,” (3.5.220-223). In the last line, Juliet uses simile to emphasize her delicateness , “Upon so soft a subject as myself,” (3.5.223). Juliet is troubled by Romeo’s banishment and wants the nurse to comfort her. She wants people to work in her favor and honor her. For Juliet, anything that disappoints her is wrong. She never considers the conflict she will create because of her own decisions. Another example of Juliet’s egocentric personality is when she threatens Friar Lawrence to help her escape her marriage with Paris. During that scene, Juliet never visualizes Friar Lawrence 's consequences for helping her, but instead she thinks about how he can help her. In conclusion, Juliet is responsible for the tragedy within Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare with her egocentric personality and efforts to hide her marriage and
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