Conflict Between Supervisors

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What seems to be the main source of conflict between supervisors, employees, and the HR department?
The main source of conflict between supervisors’ employees, and the Human Resource (HR) department is the employee is subordinate to the supervisor, and a division of power between the HR department and supervisors. Fisher (2013), believes all of these spheres are accountable to one another and must not transgress the other domains of authority. We are admonished to obey them that have rule over us, and submit yourselves (Hebrews 13:17; KJV).
An employee can be typically hired either by a supervisor, or a HR management recruiter. The conflict with this is the supervisor hires by the department need and the HR department hires by the quantitative measures of the company need. An employee
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Employees find themselves in conflict with some supervisors because they may have leadership trait, which are in conflict with some supervisors who are not natural born leader (Bernerth et al. 2008). An unforeseen conflict between supervisors and HR department is people may look good on paper or have high test scores, but still does not have the required knowledge to do the job hired for. I believe, supervisors are in the best position to understand the needs of their section or department so they will more than likely make a good decision in that area. Most supervisors look forward to training their subordinates, assisting them in the most promising time of their career preparing them to become future supervisors. Those employees typically become department heads, senior officers, full-time associates, and or shift leaders. The conflict in this is are they trained according to policy? Supervisors should be given more autonomy to make some personnel decisions such as helping in the hiring and the appraisal process, but HR should be responsible for the employee training
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