Conflict In A Long Way Gone

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Conflict can control what actions and decisions a person chooses. Conflict can cause big problems for some people. How does conflict Influence someone's decision or action? Sometimes conflict can cause a person to exchange harsh words towards another, also it may result in physical contact between one another. In the face of adversity what causes someone to prevail and others to maybe fail. With the right mindset you can always have a chance to succeed even if others around you may fail. Conflict plays a large role in A Long Way Gone due to all the disagreements in what decisions to make in certain situations. Ishmael during the novel came into many situations where he could have easily made a decision that could have had a terrible conclusion. Ishmael can have a low tolerance which means he can get mad very easily, for example Ishmael take his anger out on Gasemu after seeing the village his family were located burn up in flames and then…show more content…
Ishmael is faced with Adversity from the moment the war reaches the village his family is in and once they get separated from each other. What causes some to succeed while other fail. Ishmael did not fail because he never gave up on finding the remains of his family, if Ishmael could go on for days without sleep and to eat he would still search for his family. That is why Ishmael succeeds. Even when Ishmael gets captured by the rebels he manages to still stay composed even when Adversity is looking him dead in the face to keep fighting just to get to his family. Even though Ishmael's family dies in the fire he still managed to have hope and never doubt himself and that is what caused him to come close as he was to finding his family.”The news of their families causes the boys to hope again” This quote shows why the 6 young men succeeded while they faced adversity throughout the whole journey and even after they found out their families have lost their
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