Conflict In Anne Frank's The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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There are several ways that people can react to conflicts. There are many people that react to conflict by being seemingly paralyzed by their current situation, but there are also many who face their conflicts by acting hopeful and search for successful solutions to the conflicts that they face. By facing a problem with optimism, people can often find ways to solve their problems.

There are several people who act nervous during difficult situations and often do not find ways to clearly think of ways to solve their problems. For example, in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a young Jewish boy named Shmuel faces many conflicts within his concentration camp but he reacts to his problems by acting as if he were paralyzed, which does not help him solve his problems. In chapter fifteen of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it says, “Shmuel nodded his head quickly and started to tremble a little as he picked up another napkin and dipped it in the
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An example of a person who reacted to conflict by being positive is Anne Frank. In Anne Frank’s second diary entry it says “So much has happened it’s as if the whole world had suddenly turned upside down. But as you can see, Kitty, I’m still alive, and that’s the main thing, Father says.” As seen from the excerpt, Anne was able to react more positively when she had to face her conflict, and by doing so she is able to think more clearly and avoid negativity. Another example of a person who faced conflict by being positive is Malala Yousafzai. In chapter 20 of I am Malala, it says, “’Aba,’ I said. ‘You were the one who said if we believe in something greater than our lives, then our voices will only multiply, even if we are dead. We can’t stop.’” With her positivity, Malala is able to face her challenges and is able to make a big difference. By facing conflict with positivity people can face situations with a clear mind and can find successful solutions to their
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