Theme Of Conflict In Literature

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The theme that we’ve studied is Conflict. Conflict can be a struggle, whether it is physical or mental. Conflict can be a disagreement between two or more sides.It can be much more complex such as a group against group conflict, for example, “Racism”, or even an Internal Conflict, a conflict within yourself. Conflict is a thing that very much happens in our life. That’s what makes books and novels with conflict interesting. The four texts that I will discuss in this essays are: “Ballad of the Landlord” by Langston Hughes; “The Sniper” by Liam O'Flaherty; “Mississippi Burning” directed by Alan Parker and “Downfall” directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. All four of these texts have conflict in them. There are also similarities and differences in…show more content…
The judge was unfair, showing the "Jim Crow" laws and how they discriminated against the blacks. We can say that no conflict was resolved in the story, both landlord against tenant and racism.

The "Ballad of the landlord" gave a great insight into the discriminatory actions against black people, and incidents like these are still seen today in New Zealand, where landlords refuse to rent to undesirable people, such as people in poverty. Racism is also still an issue today, where police often shoot the blacks as they stereotype them. On the bright side, racism is getting less widespread and laws protect people from discrimination.In New Zealand, our racism is subtler. Stereotypes include “Indians building dairies in every corner”, even with "Islanders" against wearing the lava-lava.

We also studied "The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty with the same theme of conflict. The conflict describes an incident in the Irish Civil War, where two snipers face each other representing the war against the treaty and those who are for the
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