Conflict In Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars

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How does conflict and a change of scenery affect a person's character? Most people if they move they become shy and less confident. Yet others will become smarter and adapt faster in the new place. It makes them more mature and less childish. Beddor uses Alyss to show how people change in different situations. In The Looking Glass Wars Beddor uses conflict and to reveal how Alyss changes and becomes more mature. In the beginning of the novel Alyss is characterized as childish, immature, and Spoiled. Beddor writes that instead of sitting through pageantry, “ She would rather have hidden with her friend Dodge in one of the palace towers, dropping jolly jellies from an open window and watching them splat on the guards below”.(Beddor 11) As Alyss is saying this, she is supposed to be doing pageantry but instead she wants to play with Dodge. When she says that, she is showing that she is acting childish as she has a big responsibility as a princess and she does not want to do princess things. During Alyss’s birthday party the author wrote, “ Bibwit spat the half chewed cake into his hand and found out that it had been turned in gwormmies. Got you said Alyss as she ran away”.(Beddor 24) During her party Alyss pulls a rude prank on her tutor Bibwit by giving him cake and then using her imagination and turning it into…show more content…
Alyss must not care about Wonderland or not want to care about wonderland if she lets the man that made a joke out of her be in the same room with him and let him take a picture of her. As Alyss and Dodge are going into the puddle Beddor says “ She was embarrassed by what she said next… “ I’ll ruin my dress ”she said, and then -swoosh! (Beddor 104) Alyss has become self aware and she doesn’t care about materials as Beddor says “she was embarrassed by about what she just
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