Conflict In Bless Me Ultima

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Being Born into a Family with Two Different Backgrounds: A Conflict in Bless Me Ultima About Tony Being Influenced By Two Opposite Ways of Life

In all conflicts there are always two sides which think they are superior to the condescending opponent. Sometimes in the conflicts they are facing, a force which is intertwined with both sides will have to choose a side in order to declare which side is superior. There are times when the deciding force is confused and not sure which side is actually better, so it must take time to finalize its decision. This deciding force in Bless Me, Ultima is Tony, who is puzzled about whether he should follow the path of a Luna or a Marez. A Luna is someone who is calm and quiet like a farmer or a priest. On the contrary, a Marez is restless, free, and loud. Through dreams and arguments within Tony’s family, Rudolfo Anaya, the author, reveals that throughout Tony’s life he is faced with an inner conflict about which way of life he should inherit, but ultimately he has to choose one in order to come of age.

In Tony’s dream,which takes place in Las
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The name “Lunas” actually means moons which is why they are baptized in the water of the moon. On the other hand the “Mar” in Marez means sea. Which is why they are baptized in the water of the sea. When Tony is begging to know which water, he was baptized in, exclamation marks were used to show how frustrated he was by his confusion. This quote shows that since Tony is dreaming about this conflict, again, he is stressing about it. In the dream his parents’ opposing desires are clearly shown. I can tell it is a dream because it is italicized. Tony will eventually have all his questions answered and finally make a decision as to whether he wants to be a vaquero, farmer, priest, or maybe even create a different kind of
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