Conflict In Chef's House

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After analyzing the short story “Chefs House” by Raymond Carver and the painting Night Windows by Edward Hopper I realized they had many similarities involving setting, character, tone and conflict. Due to Carver being a minimalism writer I was able to pick up the pieces from his story with, little background and no ending, and make connections to Hoppers vague painting and come to many conclusions of how the image represents the story. The story takes place in the summer which is stated in the first paragraph “That summer Wes rented a furnished house north of eureka, which gives me the feeling that at the time the story is taking place it would be fairly warm outside. In the painting Night Windows one of the windows are opened letting in…show more content…
“Wes said if it came down to that he’d go down with his shit, too, rather than live the rest of his life with fat Linda”. Wes loathed Linda, he felt she didn’t deserve Chefs house, he felt she deserved to be alone all because she was fat. The tone in the end of the story became very dark and negative. Wes didn’t wat to move out for her or anybody else. Wes was so jealous of the fact that Linda was getting to take over his home and there was nothing he could do about it except it. “He seemed to have made his mind… but he was in no hurry… he didn’t say anything” There was no resolution to all of Wes’s hurt, no conclusion to how their lives changed. It never said if he began drinking or not but he made up his mind on something. The story is in 1st person point of view with very little details and background but I believe the painting is being portrayed in the 1st person point of view of Wes. Wes looking in on fat Linda sitting and enjoying Chefs house, Wes envying how happy she will be living there. Alcohol consumed Wes’s life again after he had to move, he became so unhappy than he threw away his chance with his life again in exchange for anger and alcohol, which led his to watching Linda’s through the window. The inside of the house in the painting is light and warm, seems positive whereas the outside is dark, dim and sad. I was able to make these connections to
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