Conflict In Daniel's Story By Carol Matas

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Many authors usually write about people during the Holocaust so readers get informed with what happened. A 14 year old boy named Daniel was forced to leave germany due to the Nazis in 1933. Daniel is on a long journey where he faces multiple conflicts and meets new people. Daniel is on a train who left him in a ghetto for two and a half years and then was taken to Auschwitz a concentration camp. Daniel's Story by Carol Matas is a fiction story where conflicts arise and characters change.

In the story there are a lot of conflicts where the character has to face.The first major conflict that Daniel has to face is when him and his family are forced to leave Germany due to the Nazis not wanting Jews there. In page 3 paragraph 2 Daniel says “ We do not have any idea where we are going only that Germans no longer want the Jews in Germany.” Another conflict he has is when Daniel is in Lodz ghetto. There is a really harsh winter and people were getting frostbite due to people selling their warm clothes for food and Daniel’s father did do that in fact. The evidence matters because that is how Daniel’s journey begins when the Nazis get rid of the Jews. That is one of the conflicts that Daniel has when he is forced to leave his hometown with his family and many others.
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In the story I can connect it to Anne Frank because they were both sent to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. Anne and Daniel also suffered tragic loss of their family members like, when Anne looses her sister Margot and Daniel losses her sister Erika. However the only difference is that Anne died while in the concentration camp and Daniel survived and lived with his love Rosa. The author Carol Matas wrote this book Daniel’s Story related to Anne Frank’s life, but with a few details changed. Do the readers think that Daniel will never forget this dramatic and horrifying
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