Conflict In Edgar Allan Poe's 'Annabel Lee'

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Many authors use different ways to help develop the characters. One way authors do so, is by the conflict of the story. In “Annabel Lee”, a poem by Poe, the conflict of the poem helps the reader understand how lonely the narrator of the story is. “Hop Frog”, another text of Poe’s, the conflict helps the reader know how bad Hop Frog wants to leave, because the King kidnapped him from his hometown. Another example, not from Poe, is the novel “Speak”; which the conflict brings the reader to know how the character is lonely, depressed, and even confused. Both authors, of “Speak” (Laurie Halse Anderson) and Poe, use conflict to develop characters in many ways. Edgar Allan Poe is a very descriptive writer, which in his texts he develops characters through conflict all the time. In one of Poe’s poems, “Annabel Lee”, the conflict of the poem is how the narrator 's lost the love of his life and he needs to find a way to get her back. Per the conflict, the author is letting the reader…show more content…
The conflict of “Hop Frog” is how a King went to a small village and abducted two of the people there (Hop Frog and Trippetta). The King wanted them as his jesters which they were not happy about. Trippetta and Hop Frog decided to make a plan to escape (which they did) after they set almost everyone in the castle on fire. The conflict of “Hop Frog” leads the reader to know how angry Trippetta and Hop Frog were from being taken from their home. Hop Frog was a “cripple” so the conflict also helped the reader understand how bad they wanted to get out of that castle. Since Hop frog was a cripple he had to climb with his hands to get out. The King hurt trippetta plenty on times, which built up anger and anguish towards the King. Obviously, for them to set the king on fire they of had to been completely angry about it. Poe is one of the authors that used the conflict to bring the characters further into the
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