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Question 4 What is conflict? Why does conflict occur in educational institutions? Describe the various models of conflict resolution. Critically analyse the role of the head of school in conflict management. (25mks) What is conflict? Conflict usually occurs between at least to individual or group of people who disagree, struggles, disputes, quarrels, or even physical fighting and wars. According to Folger and al (1997), Conflict is the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatible goals and interference from each other in achieving those goals. Wright Q (1990) stated that the word conflict is derived from the Latin word configure meaning to strike together. It is said that conflict is normal, ubiquitous and unavoidable and…show more content…
In an educational institutions, conflict occurs at several levels and appears in different form M.Johdi&R.Raman (2011) affirmed that conflict cannot be evaded even in educational institution whether schools, colleges, university or vocational institutions. If conflict which arises and not taken care of it will affect the educators as well as the students by creating unwanted divergence in their learning environment.Basically, the factors of administrative conflict in educational institutions can be classified into two main categories namely Structural factors –Nature of the organization and the way in which work is organized Personal factors – differences between school members Structural factors Auerbachand al identified structural aspects of an educational institution which are likely to cause conflicts as given below Specialization – Employees in a vocational training institute either have general or specific tasks which when the majority of them are specialist, conflicts may arise. For example when one may have insufficient knowledge of the other’s job responsibilities, dissatisfaction in either party may…show more content…
Skills and abilities – Conflict can result when an experienced staff has to work with a beginner who has good theoretical knowledge but few practical skills. For example, a long-teaching trainer in training institute used to teach trainees with the traditional methods that is whiteboard and marker, will have a conflict with young newcomer trainer who has an advance technique of teaching using LCD projector and laptop Personality conflicts – Personal conflict can occur in nay group setting including workplace. There is always at least one co-worker who is difficult to get along with. One of the most difficult personality traits is harshness. Aharsh person is often hardworking and achievement-oriented, but critical and insensitive to others‟ feelings. Other irritating personality traits include laziness and

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