Conflict In Enrique's Journey

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In Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario the book describe many difficulties when the children separated from mother and the consequences of such distress. In the story Belky and Enrique are left in Honduras with the family when the mother try better opportunities in the USA. After many years Enrique have hard time comprehending the family split, which causes him to feel neglected. In order to understand the mother unreasonable departure, Henrique drive himself thought to a dangerous adventure to cross the borders and reach the American dream for find his mother. The experience take hundred twenty two days in a crazy, dangerous and precarious environment so that he could finally hug his mother again. Enrique is my favorite character in the book…show more content…
The author write “Every month, Enrique misses his motherless, but he does not forget her. When is she coming for me? he asks” (Nazario 7). Live with the father draw attention to the lack of affection, Enrique’s father causes the second rejection that contribute to the emotional confusion in his life. Nazario describes Enrique frustration: “He doesn’t love me. He loves the children he has with his wife, he tells Belky. I don’t have a dad” (10). After the father rejection Enrique move to his grandmother's house, which is such impact on the child precocious development. Enrique starts work and force himself to accept the grandmother as his mother “Every year Mother’s Day, he makes a heart shaped card at school and presses it into her hand. I love you so much, Grandma, he writes. But she is not his mother. Enrique longs to hear Lourdes’s voice” (Nazario12). Enrique starts to work hard early that at age fourteen causes him to deal with anger annoyance, the next rejection and one more time misplaced the mother. Nazario write “Sadly, she writes to Lourdes: You must find him another home. To Enrique, it is another rejection. First his mother, them his father and now his grandmother
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