Conflict In House Of Scorpion

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The setting in the house of scorpion can be pictured as a dry, rigid place just beyond the border of America. The country that this novel takes place in has a deep dark secret behind it’s one-colored, aristocracy government. And in this novel, there is only one person willing to find what that secret is, and that’s matt. Matt is a young boy who progresses into a teenager throughout the book, but he doesn't have normal struggles.He goes through puberty just as a normal teen, but there something different about him. He is a clone.Unfortunately, Matt has to undergo and adapt to the hatred of a society, depression, and isolation because of his identity and who he is. Therefore conflict plays a huge role in this novel and overall as a reader.The concept of conflict is to give a description of a type of issue/problem that can be internal or external.It is usually subjected to 6 different types of conflicts such as ( Man vs. Self, Man vs. Man, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. machine, and Man Vs.Fate/Supernatural.) These all play an extravagant part of novels and their characters.The choices we tend to make impact the way our point of view stands in the world.Everybody has different opinions on certain …show more content…

His reactions to his problems are always going to be seen as negative or are a negative impact on him.Matt would have been in a better situation physically and mentally if his reactions had been different. Not having negative connotations will help him stay out of trouble and grow as a character.To conclude, conflict overall in this novel has a huge impact on the characters, the reaction, and the settings that they're in.Matts conflicts are a negative impact on him. Some can work in his favors and most don’t, this shows the struggle and grappling of his life, but that doesn’t stop him from finding out the truth about his country

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