Conflict In Islam Essay

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Are conflicts in contemporary Southeast Asia inevitable due to Islam? In modern history, religion differences has attributed to arise of numerous conflicts and misunderstandings. Although there are some other factors that fuelled the major conflicts, such as unequal treatment and segregation, religion often led to differences in identities which can often felt to be threatened when discrimination is prevalent in the society. Islam is one of the most common religion in Southeast Asia, being the official religion in Malaysia1 and Brunei2. Indonesia alone account for 209 million Muslims, being the largest Nation Muslim community.3 Muslims account as a minority in some Southeast Asian Countries, such as in Thailand (4.6%)4 and Singapore (14.7)5. It seems destined that Muslims have to live in segregation due to strict practices which hinders daily interaction with those of other religions, such as the consumption of Halal food6, the need for daily prayers at specific timings7 and conservative clothing for Muslim women. 8 A study has shown that the population of Muslims are likely to grow…show more content…
Within America alone, only 27 percent have a positive view towards Muslim, compared to 47 percent 13 years ago.25 Even though the event occurred in America, far from Southeast Asian region, the aftermaths have resulted in many political and ideology shifts which affected Southeast Asia as a whole. Anti-Islamic ideas has arisen as there is a general fear against Muslims. In addition, recent news on the involvement of Islamic extremist groups in various terror attacks can deepen misunderstandings by non-Muslims that Islam is a “bad” religion and there is a need to shun themselves from Muslims in order to get uninvolved in such movements as seen in the case of Singapore which there was “moral panic because Muslims are stereotyped as
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