Pride And Prejudice Conflict Analysis

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6. Conflicts
According to Jones in Hardningsih (2001:15) conflict consists of there are three kinds: (1) Physical conflict is a conflict between human being, nature and environment, (2) Social conflict is a conflict between one person and another, and (3) Psychological conflict is a conflict between man and himself, his conscience, his guilt or simply trying to describe what he is going to do. In this story there are two kinds of conflict that made up the plot: social conflict (external conflict) and psychological conflict (internal conflict). 6.1 External conflicts
The social conflict happens between one person and another. In this story this kind of conflict are found between Darcy and Elizabeth, Elizabeth and her family, Elizabeth
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If he consider his pride, he will not state his feeling to Elizabeth by considering her family condition that is inferior in trade. But if he considers his love to Elizabeth, he will do it. In the last, his love defeats his pride. He chooses to love Elizabeth . The second internal conflict happens on Elizabeth. After she hears the story from Fiztwilliam that Darcy take special role in separating Jane and Bingley, it arouses question in herself whether this story is true or not. There is fighting in her heart between believe and disbelieve. For the first time it is spoken unseriously and makes Elizabeth not to believe what Fiztwilliam has said. But she is also never doubt later if Darcy does it, because Elizabeth knows his pride may led him to influence Mr. Bingley to leave Jane and causes Jane 's life in misery. The internal conflict also happens on Elizabeth after she reads the letter from Darcy that explains all of Elizabeth wrong accusations. He tells the truth about what has happened to Wickam and why he brings Bingley away from Jane. Inside of her heart, there is fighting between her pride and
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