Conflict In Kashmir

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Explain the origins of the conflict in Kashmir, discuss the phenomenon of Kashmiri separatism, and assess recent attempts to resolve the issue by the parties involved

This assignment is going to look at the emergence of the dispute over Kashmir between India and Pakistan. It is going to briefly discuss how the issue has escalated to its state today and what has developed due to the conflict between the two nations, thus paying close attention to the close attention to Kashmir separatism and its effects. To conclude the essay is going to discuss the recent attempts to resolve the issue and look at the success of such attempts, if any exist.

Kashmir which is formally known as Jammu and Kashmir is the
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Multiple killings of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims round the year resulted to hundreds of thousands of refugees abandoning their homes where they were in the religious minority, and culminated in Pathan tribesmen and the Poonch rebels invading Kashmir, and conducted mass killings in Baramula (Insight on Conflict,…show more content…
Chick (2002) has reported that a strong-willed separatist leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has rejected India's Kashmir plan as he called this effort by the Indian government to gain favour in the international community.

The main important points that the package included is the suggestion to the state to straight away set free all the young people confined for stone-throwing, reopen schools, make R5 lakh ex-gratia reparation to the families of the 108 individuals who lost their lives in the protests, redeploy security forces and decreasing their bunkers and check posts (Tikku, 2010). Tikku (2010) added that Kashmiri people dislike the habitation of security people or central paramilitary forces thus the re-deployment of personnel is an important
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