Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

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Dina Masoud English 10 April 29, 2015 Section-by-section Novel Group work (last of 3) Conflict: Describe the conflicts, internal or external, that drive events in this section of the book (new ones in this section), and the changes that these conflicts cause as characters try to resolve or escape them. Throughout the third section, we see that there is more than one conflict. One conflict we see is that the boys are incapable to go up a mountain so that they can make a rescue signal from fire. This is an external conflict because it lowers the chance of the boys being saved and escape front the island. The “Beast” also known as the dead man connected to the parachute. However, on page 152, the boys find out that the “Beast” was not a beast. There is no visible or physical beast, the beast lies within them. Another conflict is when Jack creates his own group with the boys that practices violence and savagery. He leaves the rest behind and makes his own rules. “‘Me and my hunters, we’re living along the beach by a flat rock. We hunt and feast and have fun.’” (Pg. 140). He doesn 't consider any other factors other than meat and having a good time. While Ralph is trying all he can to fulfill his duties as a leader and prioritizes. Jacks violence is a huge problem. After Simon discovers that the beast is not a beast, the boy believe that he is the real monster. Causing them to attack him and eventually killing him. Jack violence and inner evil has influenced the boys and
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