Conflict In Marriage In Popular Mechanics By Raymond Carver

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“Popular Mechanics” is a short story written by Raymond Carver. This story discusses a couple breaking apart. The male arrives at their home, starts packing his things, all the while, the woman shouts at him to leave through tears. As the man is packing, the woman picks up the picture of their baby, and he demands she give him the picture. When she will not let him have it, he demands that he wants the baby instead. She scurries to hold the baby in her arms and protect the child from him. Becoming angrier, attempts to grab the baby out of her arms. They continue fight for the baby until they both pull firm at the same time, and this is where the story states the issue is decided. This short story models a great example of how conflicts in marriage can end badly unexpectedly. In “Popular Mechanics” the man was selfish and lacked communication skills. Therefore, the blame is placed on him for the issues in the relationship. This story explains how there will be conflicts in marriage, and if the conflicts aren’t fixed, it affects everyone close to the couple. Everyone has fights and arguments, but in this story, the couple were in an extremely rough spot. He arrives home from work and immediately starts packing a bag. He barely says anything at first which is a major problem. In a relationship, communication is very important. He is not communicating his concerns, and in return, she is not able to address or fix the issue. On the other hand, she is extremely verbal and is
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