Conflict In Mirror Image, By Lena Coakley

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The protagonist of "Mirror Image", by Lena Coakley, is Alice along with her twin sister Jenny. Alice’s major conflict in this story is herself and how she will adapt to her new body. She finds herself in the middle of an identity crisis when the doctors were required to exchange her body for someone else’s body. This body had belonged to a girl named Gail. Throughout the story, Alice tries to find her true identity. Alice is also quite unsure when it comes to her new body, and she is has a hard time taking in the changes that she has gone through such at wondering if her soul is really hers. Her body will tell her one thing, but her mind will tell her something completely different. Alice is struggling for other people to accept her, like her sister Jenny. The hospital is the worst place that Alice could be because she feels awkward and discontented. She is very exposed in the hospital, as she has to learn everything again in her new body. In the hospital, Alice feels as though she is a new person. In her house, Alice felt safe and comfortable with her new body because no one can judge her in her own house. She is able to relax and become more comfortable with the changes. Although being home made her relaxed when she was interested in reading her twin sister’s diary Jenny wasn 't comfortable with her reading it because she still feels like there is a stranger in her home. Alice explores her new body in a different way and compares it to her old one. “I feel like I could
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