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Mankind should not act as gods

In the world of Oryx and Crake there is a conflict between nature and mankind. The book is not just filled with conflict between these two. It also portrays the conflict of god and his creation, mankind. The created wants to play the part of creator. The ironic part is just that god created man.

There are several allegories to the bible, particularly what happened in the Fall of man, when Adam and Eve got banished from the garden of Eden. The cataclysmic event that nearly drives humanity to extinction, Crake’s genocide, happens because he has an ambition. An ambition to rewind humanity’s history, to reverse the effects of the Fall of man. But it is his meddling as a “god” that nearly wipes out mankind. Here lies an underlying theme of the book. Mankind should not play the game of god, because when he does bad things happens.

Imagine yourself all the combined data that is the genes, picture the form of a helix in front of you. Now think that these helixes is build up with lego blocks. If you take the Genesis literally it means that the originals were created by God. The science teams of Oryx and Crake plays a game of lego, where they rearrange the DNA code to result in other structures. An
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Riots broke out, crops were burned, Happicuppa cafés were looted, Happicuppa personnel were car-bombed or kidnapped or shot by snipers [...] on the other side, peasants were massacred by the army.” God’s gardeners did not approve of what they perceived as capitalism without morals. It could also be seen that their resistance is also because they think mankind should not play god. To create a more fast producing kind of coffee crop, the scientist have done some gene splicing. It is clear that the gardeners dislike the compounds’ efforts to actively shape the nature’s evolution. In other words they disapprove of the compounds hubris and that they act like a god. Hence why they are fighting against each
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