Conflict In Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice is a novel written by Jane Austin during the Georgian era. It tells the story of an old woman, Mrs. Bennet, who strives to ensure her daughters ' marriage to wealthy husbands in order to sustain the family financially. The novel discusses some themes like pride, prejudice, social class and individual vs. society through characterization and plot. Jane Austin conveys her central message about how individuals are trapped in social norms but could revolt against them in a smooth way.

The story is based on the Bennet 's family made up of five daughters with Mrs. Bennet 's obsession to have them married to rich people in order to ensure the survival of the family. This motive results from the fact that the house where they
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The characters of Elizabeth and Darcy developed well through the story. Undoubtedly, their attitudes and actions are class-driven in the beginning with pride and prejudice respectively in the beginning of the story. However, as time goes by and the events proceed, they realize that they had been mistaken and heavily influenced by class-consciousness. Mr. Darcy feels he is superior to the girl and can tempt her with his wealth while she believes that her personal qualities help her seduce whoever man she likes. The plot is structured in a traditional way as the end is happy like in almost all romance stories where the lovers end up with being united and married to each other. In addition, the end is significant because the couples who got married are from two different social classes. This suggest that traditions and norms are sometimes vulnerable to the power of love among the young generations. It is true that society would resist such marriages between people from upper and middle or lower classes .However, no one can predict what love can do and how powerful it can be. The story teaches a lesson about individuals and how their behaviors are affected by social norms and morals. While society dictates certain behaviors on individuals, it sometimes forces them to behave in wrong ways or come up with deceiving actions. For example, Wickham 's condition that he marries Lydia if she gets her portion from the inheritance of the family makes marriage
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