Conflict In Romeo And Juliet

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Throughout Romeo and Juliet the theme of conflict is imparted in many forms, mostly through physical violence; a reflection of the Renaissance era in which there was political turmoil and a copious amount of European nations were at war. Shakespeare chose to dramatise the theme of conflict to showcase the ideology that conflict is inevitable and represent how “there can never be the good without the bad” (Hipponensi).Shakespeare successfully does so by exploring the theme of conflict in different forms; violence versus peace, parent versus child, sacred versus profane and inner conflict. The use of conflict in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a vital aspect of the play and as with each conflict that is introduced drama is heightened.
The theme of conflict
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“This form of conflict affects today’s ' society where many people experience inner conflict because of their struggles or belief”, In Act II Scene II Juliet goes in and out of her balcony three times which highlights that she is “unsure where her loyalty lies” - with her family, or Romeo, who is the enemy of the Capulet family but is her love (UK, 2013). Without Juliet revaluating her situation and contemplating the consequences that might occur the story would lose the dramatic tension that has been built up over the last two acts.
The structure is a major part in the build-up of conflict; it highlights conflict taking place in the beginning, middle and end. The outset of the play contains physical violence and the threat conflict from the Prince and eventually leads to Mercutio’s death.
There are two conflicting genres of ‘Romeo and Juliet-comedy and tragedy. To begin with the protagonist wants to marry Juliet. However, he is unable to achieve this due to the 'ancient grudge '. Romeo then sets out to “triumph over the obstacles by attending the Capulet ball” (UK, 2013). The play then gradually steers into a tragedy as things begin to head south; leading with Mercuito’s death and then
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