Conflict In Tell Tale Heart

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The definition of conflict is a serious disagreement or argument. It can arise in many scenarios, but it is up to you on how you will handle it. In the story Fault In Our Stars, it shows how one girl copes with having cancer and living her life to the fullest. “Hop Frog” is about a king who is rude and abusive to his servants so he comes up with a plan to kill him and his friends. “Tell Tale Heart” involves a man killing an elder because he had an “evil” eye and it creeped him out. Authors use conflict to develop their characters by showing how they cope with conflict and whether they are strong or weak.
Some characters cope with conflict in a negative/bad way. In “Hop Frog”, his conflict was the king whom he worked for, being rude to him
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He killed the king and all of his rich friends by setting the castle on fire while everyone was inside. This was a bad way to cope with his conflict because he could eventually get caught. He ended people 's lives which is horrible and overall not a good way to handle conflict. In relation, Poe’s story “Tell Tale Heart” deals with conflict in a bad way. The conflict in this story is that a man kills an another man because he had an “evil” eye and it creeped him out. No one is even sure if the eye really was evil, but if it was the man should not have killed someone over an eye. This proves that the man was insane although he was trying to convince readers that he was sane throughout the whole story. He eventually turned himself in because he couldn 't take the pressure of his consinces, which was the right thing to do. He shouldn 't have handled his problems like that because once again, he killed a man. In the end I guess you could say that he did the right thing, by turning himself in and getting some kind if justice for what he did. He should have thought of a better way to handle his conflict. Sometimes, characters…show more content…
Other types of characters handle conflict in a good/positive way. Most importantly, The character from Fault in our Stars handles her conflict (which is by far the worst) in a very good way. Hazel has two conflicts that she deals with throughout the story. In the beginning of the story her conflict is her cancer. At the end of the story she has to deal with the death of her loved one. Her boyfriend dies and she is very upset. Of course, Hazel was upset because she had just lost her boyfriend, the one person that understood her. After gus had died hazel was a mess. She laid in bed all day not knowing what to do. She went back to the way she was, before she met him. She was sad, but she eventually realized that Gus wouldn 't want her to be like this and that he would want her to live the rest of her life to the fullest. Despite everything, she became strong and wanted to have the best life she could. Hazel became happy and strong again because she knew that 's what Gus would want for her. She went to see Isaac (their friend) and comforted him, she comforted Gus’s family and tried to cheer them up also. She became closer with her parents and had a good time. In the story is says “without pain we wouldnt know joy.” This is perfect for what Hazel is going through. Without that pain of Guys being gone, she might not be as close with her parents, and Isaac. So without some pain in her life, she might not be happy now and be living her life to the fullest. She handled her
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