Conflict In The 12 Mile Road

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Have you ever met the perfect family? No, because they all have their faults. Although this is true, there are ways to evaluate the major problems within the family to help create a better atmosphere for the family members so they can become happier and more satisfied with their home life. In the movie The Twelve Mile Road, a family is faced with many issues, but become stronger and learn how to work as a team. After analyzing the situation, I applied theoretical perspectives, that concentrate on the main issues in their family. Also I will view the conflict between family members and power struggles. First, I focused on the developmental theory. This theory focuses on the predictable life cycles of the family. Daulcy, the daughter, is sixteen years old. Instead of learning how to drive she is out getting tattoos and piercings with her friends. This stems back to the power struggles between her and her mother. Even though her mother is in charge, Daulcy refuses to listen and rebels. Her mother works in social services and is working on a case where the mother of two kids is being physically abused by her boyfriend. Since she is working on this case and several other cases, she works…show more content…
In The Twelve Mile Road the family learns together when exchanging rewards and costs that it must be equal for them to feel a sense of accomplishment. At first, when Daulcy arrived at the farm, she acted out, but her father quickly put that to an end. He devoted his time to showing her how to drive the tractor, feeding the cows, and cook meals. By him doing this, Daulcy felt appreciated, which made her want to give back. Every morning after this, she would wake up early and finish the farm chores without being told to do so. Her father rewarded her with the privilege to go out with friends. Their relationship was able to grow because the rewards and costs between the two felt
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