Boko Haram Conflict In Nigeria

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Throughout history many are the factors that influence arising conflicts and the manner in which they are dealt with and finally solved, Including: leaks within the government that change the course of actions, the character of the leader dealing with the conflict, as well as unexpected and ‘irrational’ events and actors (Dobbs).The Cuban Missile Crisis, for example, arose because of the Soviet Union’s placement of nuclear missiles in Cuba, which threatened the United State’s sovereignty and safety. However, President John F. Kennedy was initially misinformed about the number of nuclear technicians working in Cuba.He was told there were only approximately eight thousand while in reality there were around forty-three thousand. Therefore,…show more content…
(SOURCE) Boko Haram is an Islamist terrorist group that in the last decade was responsible for a series of attacks on the Nigerian population and killing hundreds of innocent civilians and abducting hundreds of girls from their homes. The terroristic group was founded and led by a extremist named Mohammed Yusuf, which claimed that Islam should be followed by all Nigerian people and that the economic disparity between the South and the North is because the Christian South is corrupt and greedy. Overall, most of Nigeria’s economy relies on oil production, however, the system is extremely corrupt and the governments lacks money to build schools and other important facilities. One of the key events of the Boko Haram conflict with the Nigerian authorities was in 2009, in an attack against Operation Flush II where the police injured several members. After which, Yusuf ordered violence on the military known as the five-day uprising where the Boko Haram group attacked police stations and killed several soldiers. Nevertheless, Yusuf was later captured and executed together with eight hundred Boko Haram members. Regardless, the Boko Haram group spread and in 2013 launched several attacks in schools killing children and abducting girls for sexual purposes, this event led the Nigerian Government to call…show more content…
Firstly, the use of diplomacy instead of military in order to prevent a large number of casualties and reach a definite solution. During the Cold War, America wished to defeat communism and through the diplomacy implemented within the Cuban Missile Crisis it managed to do so ideologically instead of restoring to military force. After the agreement reached between Kennedy and Khrushchev, the Soviet Union could no longer afford to keep up its military forces throughout the world and therefore no longer face the United States military. This crippled the Soviets as the people no longer viewed communism as a successful way of being the world’s superpower, which became America. Therefore, the Nigerian government should attempt to reach a compromise with the Boko Haram group, so that the situation won’t get out of hand since military force is expensive and creates instability in the country since many soldiers began to abuse their power. Moreover, money invested in the military diverts the need to build educational institutions and develop a properly functioning economy which Nigeria

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