Conflict In The Hatchet

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The book Hatchet was full of adventure around every corner. There is not a moment in the entire book where you’re not held in suspense or on the edge of your seat wonder what might happen to Brian, the main character. It is a book about both a self conflict, and a battle against nature for the survival of the fittest. This story starts off holding you in suspense, Brian is a city boy that is going through a hard time because he knows “The Secret” that his dad doesn’t know, so it’s causing a divorce. Now you want to know what the secret is and how it managed to cause an entire divorce. He is going to visit his dad for the summer up in the Canadian woods. Before he leaves his mom gives him a hatchet, now on his way to see his dad the pilot dies …show more content…

A lot of times in this story you find him feeling bad for himself and just sitting and crying. Towards the end of the book he figures out that crying and feeling bad for himself is not going to help. He has to forget what he knows about the city and really dig deep to find survival skills that he can actually use in this situation to help him survive. One of the first things that he pulls from his life is a teacher telling him to stop and analyze the situation. Look at everything you have including you and what you are wearing. He looses a lot but yet gains a new perspective on life, he looks and takes in nature a whole different way from when he first arrived there. Now there is more listening and a bigger observation coming from the “new Brian” as he says in the …show more content…

After he finds this bag he gets to land and pulls out all the equipment, somehow he feels like this separates him from the nature. He no longer has to try and survive like everything else, he is top of the food chain now and also finds vacuumed foods. As he starts cooking a feast for himself a plane flies in because of a tracker that was also in this bag, and with Brian’s new perspective the first thing he ask the stranger is if he would like some

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