Conflict In The Hunger Games

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Suzanne Collins did a great job including the conflict in her book, the Hunger Games. The conflict is how the people of Panem stood against the Capitol, which made the story more exciting to its readers. However, After reading the interesting book it showed how the people of Panem resisted against the Capitol’s rules, especially in the Hunger games and others are voluntarily happened threw the story. There was a lot ways that the people of Panem resisted the Capitol. One of these were the fact that Katniss and Gale were walking in the forest to hunt and gather food from the forest where its not allowed to cross the districts border but they did, which shows how Katniss and Gale ignore the Capitol’s rules. However, another example of resistance is when the people of district twelve saluted Peeta and Katniss before they went to the games, nonetheless this act isn’t allowed in the Capitol not saying adios to there tributes but it means that they stand together which the Capitol is trying not take impact in their control basically they are trying to separate the people to keep them week and they are doing the exact opposite of the Capitol’s rules and goals. When Katniss was pulled from the crowds and she had an idea in her mind saying that “[The capitol ] are betting on how long [She] live … They’re not my friends” (Collins, 115). This shows how Katniss hates the Capitol because they are trying to murder people for the sake of entertaining them selves, that’s why she said that
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