Conflict In The Iliad

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We are trapped in a world of conflict. We 'll never have peace without conflict around the corner, and vice versa. The only difference between where there is war from where there is harmony is that the people there decided to use their fists, and weapons, and the wrong words to settle their problems. Conflict is so deeply rooted in our nature that it 's a part of every single one of us, and it 's not even something we developed over the years. It 's always been a part of us, we have innumerable pieces from the past that show us how prone we humans are to create strife. One of the most famous pieces of literature that show us this was an epic from the Greeks, called the Iliad.

The Iliad is set during the Trojan War, but the conflict in this story isn 't between the Akhaians and the Trojans, but between Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek army, and Akhilleus, the army 's finest warrior. The entire fight was caused by their stubbornness and pride. It all started when they sacked a nearby city and took several women as prizes. One of the women, Khryseis, was given to Agamemnon. Her father, Khryses, wanted her back and offered an enormous amount to him just to get his daughter back. But since Agamemnon saw her as a prize to him for successfully sacking their city, he angrily refused. Khryses also happened to be a priest of the god Apollo, and he asked that he curse the Akhaians. That resulted in plague causing great devastation within the army and Agamemnon had no choice but to
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