Conflict In The Inkworld

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Conflict is the driving force of any story. Inkspell, by Cornelia Funke, has no shortage of conflict to fuel its plot. Meggie often disagrees with her father, Mo, about her notebooks. Also, throughout the Inkworld there is much animosity between kingdoms. Finally, Mortola’s hunger for what she feels is justice is stronger than ever. From a quarrel between a father and his daughter, to two feuding kingdoms, and a quest for vengeance, Inkspell is full of struggles of great importance.

One of the important conflicts in the book is Meggie and Mo not seeing eye to eye. Mo often has fights with Meggie because he feels she is too obsessed with the notebooks about the Inkworld. Mo expresses his frustration in saying, “Perhaps I ought to turn into a glass man or turn my skin blue, since my wife and daughter obviously think more of fairies and glass men than of me.” Mo is angry because Meggie is obsessed with a world other than the one they live in; No less, it is a world that has caused much pain in their family, making it hurt a that much more. Meggie’s
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The Adderhead and the Laughing Prince have long been opposed, however at the passing of the Laughing Prince, the Adderhead quickly invades his realm. The Adderhead is a cruel tyrant whose gallows operate around the clock. He violently seizes the capital city and causes much fear. “Screams rose in its enclosed space. More and more horsemen rode in from among the houses around it, so heavily armed they looked like iron reptiles…” The quote describes the actions of the Adderhead’s men when met with malcontentedness from a crowd in the marketplace. This is one of the most developments in the story of the two kingdoms. The event causes Fenoglio and Meggie to attempt to revive the prince by reading him back to life. This conflict is important because it causes Fenoglio to try to change the natural order of the
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