Conflict In The Interlopers

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In this excerpt from "The Interlopers," the two characters are Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym. These two are sworn enemies, though the author, Saki, does not directly state why they despise each other. One night, they crossed paths in a dark forest, each on a quest to find and murder the other. They both carried rifles, but before they could inflict bodily harm on the other person, a storm caused a beech tree to collapse and hold the helpless men to the ground. They were bloody, weak, and hurt, and there was nothing each man could do except wait for his group to discover their plight and rescue him. The excerpt ends as a result of Ulrich proposing friendship to Georg. The development of character, conflict and setting of the story…show more content…
man and man vs. nature. From before the start of this story, Ulrich and Georg are sworn enemies sought to cause the demise of the other, and there is an evident conflict between them. But, the story is set in a dark forest, during a storm, and this would be an example of a man vs. nature conflict. The second storm complicates the situation in the second paragraph, when the storm causes a beech tree to land on the two characters. They are unable to move, and both must wait for their own men to arrive and rescue him. The storm is a main conflict in this story, causing the two enemies to be trapped, and the climax is directly caused by the implications set by the fallen beech tree. But since there is no resolution or development of this conflict, it couldn't be the reason for the overall resolution. The other conflict, between Ulrich and Georg, is overwhelmingly evident in "The Interlopers" because the tension created by the threats of the men to kill each other when their own men come to rescue him. Ulrich does not want to be killed by Georg, makes the decision to ask Georg to be friends. "An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind," a famous quote by Ghandi, says not to get back at someone for something they did to you. So Georg does not tell his men to kill Ulrich, Ulrich gives the proposition of friendship to Georg. Ulrich settled his differences with Georg, thus the conflict has developed and has been
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