Conflict In The Movie Divergent

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1.0 INTRODUCTION For this particular assignment, I was given case study: Based on movie ‘Divergent’ Directed by Neil Burger to study about the sociology of youth and adolescence in this movie. The protagonist character in this movies is Beatrice Prior (Tris), Tris is 16-year old and she had born and raised in the abnegation faction. When reaching 16 years of age, she had to take an aptitude test to determine which faction that suits for her. The conflict from this movie starts when Tris know about the result of her aptitude test. Before I will explain further about the movie I will describe youth, youth is a sociological construct that operates at multiple levels an individual young person, an attitude for being in the social world, and an institution. According to Granville Stanley Hall (1844 – 1924), believed that pre-adolescent as savages seeing individual development in a linear fashion. At the youth age almost of them had the same characteristic such as conflict with parents with rebellious the authority, emotionally volatile, and they always make risky behavior. Next, from the movie Divergent, I will analyze about three topics such as social class and lifestyle, personality and power. Based on this movie they were divided into five group or faction to keep the peace, in this movie and this faction will determine what tasks or job need to be done by them. One of the factions in the movie Divergent is ‘Erudite’ the smart one, the ones who value knowledge and logic.
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