Conflict In The Painted Door

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In "The Painteed Door, the biggest internal and external conflict in Ann is by the storm. The storm is biggest element drove internal and external conflict of Ann's character. For example Ann felt uneasy, lonely, made desire to seek comfort and warm, This all leads to have an affair with Steven. who seduce Ann, knowing that she would get manipulated easy and kept reassuring her that John won't come back tonight. The another conflict is John's lack of communication, timing he spent with his wife to have fun and lack of passion that Ann wants. Ann wasn't satisfy by her husband, she state how John never have fun, instead he let Steven dance with her. Ann face various stages of her conflict of outside and inside from environment she live in, which it leads character's downfall. Ann goes various stages of internal and external conflict, the first she experience is loneliness and lack of commutation from John. in her mind she compare her husband with Steven and imagine what would life like with Steven. The next stage is when the storm starts, she began to feel terrify, cold and she start to seek things that could comfort her. Hoping her husband would come, she loyally wait him to arrive by nightfall. When her husband does not arrive , she start to panic, till Steven enters and comfort her. At this stage, she almost believed that her husband…show more content…
As story went she started to found a new resolution that kept better and better. until an affair and her husband's suicide. Now her husband is dead, she will have to use her experience that she learn from herself and Steven. Ann went to painting door, to an affair with Steven, because she wanted to feel comfort in this transitory cold physical and psychological landscape of
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