Conflict In The Play Fences

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The play Fences by August Wilson depicts the life of Troy Maxson during the 1960s. When Troy was younger he had the potential to play in major league baseball but, because of society pushing him down with racial discrimination his baseball career never took off. Troy’s best friend, Bono whom he met in prison, has always been by Troy’s side looking out for him when he saw Troy headed in the wrong direction. In the first act of the play, Lyons, Troy’s son from a previous wife asks for money like he does every Friday before Troy goes to drink gin with Bono. Troy is determined to push the boundaries his success is hindered by, in filing a complaint to become the first black garbage truck driver but in doing so his relationship with Bono begins to diminish. Rose, Troy’s current wife, requested that he build a fence around their home with their son, Cory, in an attempt to strengthen their bond. Cory is extremely talented in playing football but sadly Troy doesn’t want him to play in hope to save him from the same disappointment he faced when he was his age, this adds to the tension between the two. In act two of the play, Troy’s life begins to go downhill. He finally confesses to Rose about his pregnant mistress Alberta. When baby Raynell is born Rose agrees to take care of her because Alberta died in childbirth, at this point Troy dedicates himself to building the fence because it symbolisms keeping death away from those he loves. In addition to the unpleasant things happening
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