Conflict In The Raven's Relationship With Mizan

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A conflict that happened was when Raven got into a huge argument with her father who demanded her to stop seeing and having contact with Mizan. “I’m going to say this one more time, I don’t want to hear about you being around Mizan again” (331). Benny Atkins didn’t trust Mizan from the very start, so after the incident that took place in their home (Raven and Morgan being held at gunpoint by masked men) he didn’t want her with him until he found out who was behind the burglary. Raven’s father only wanted to keep her safe let alone only do what’s best for her. After going back and forth with her father about Mizan Raven chose to leave. “Then maybe I don’t need to be under your roof” (333). “I’m out of here!” (334). Raven, seeing that her father
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