Conflict In The Short Story Daughter

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In the short story “Daughter”, by Enskine Caldwell the short story is about a daughter who is starving and her dad kills her because he doesn’t want to listen to her complain anymore about how starving she is. They are trying to figure out if he should be set free or to remain in jail. In the short story their is a strongly disagree that Jim Carlisle should be set free from jail. In the short story one of the actions is sadness because the dad kills his daughter due to the fact that she was starving. “Daughter said she was hungry, and I just couldn’t stand it no longer. I just couldn’t stand to hear her say it” (36). The father is telling people outside the jail bars on why he killed his daughter as he had his chin pressed in between the iron and he gripped his hands around the bars. He is curious about what is going on outside with all the noise and commotion of talking why it happened and…show more content…
There is a lot of anger throughout the short novel towards Jim. It seems as though everyone hates Jim now for what he has done and that he is a cruel father. “I made enough working on shares, but they came and took it all away from me. I couldn’t go around begging after I’d made enough to keep us” (37). It seems like JIm is getting angry with everyone telling him that he could have brought her over so they could feed her somehow, or that it was wrong to shoot her the next morning she said she was hungry. Jim was just getting tired of listening to his poor daughter say that she was hungry each and every day. Jim got angry when JIm Maxwell came and took everything of JIm’s. “Henry Maxwell didn’t have no business coming and taking all shares. He’s got plenty of his own. It ain’t right for Henry Maxwell to come and take Jim’s, too” (38). Jim isn’t happy with Henry Maxwell coming and taking all shares from him and leaves his family with nothing cause it’s all gone so his daughter has to starve and

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