Conflict In The Short Story 'One Out Of Many'

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Culture means the characteristics and the knowledge related to a group of people. It refers to the language, religion, cuisine, social habits and music and arts of a particular group of people. The word culture means way of life of the people that distinguishes them from another group of people. It is the overall attitude, customs and beliefs that differentiates one culture from another. For example people of Asian countries such as India and Pakistan flies kites in the spring season thus rejoicing the blooming of flowers and hence celebrating colors. Cultural encounters that have been shown in some of the literary works and specifically I will discuss the short story “One out of many”. I will be going into the depth of the topic by exploring if cultural encounters are enriching or they lead to conflicts in the society.…show more content…
Cultural encounters occur in a society that has been over crowded with people from different countries due to migration, war, economic recession. The most important part has been played by colonization because of which people from different cultures has flocked Europe and America. Due to which most of the European countries have become a home of immense variety of minority cultures. The reason to this is because when certain group of people settles in a new culture they try to adopt it and also attracts the host nation to adopt a bit of theirs. We can see many multicultural societies in Britain, France, and Belgium etc. that reminds them of their history of being a colonial power once. When we move on to USA, after the emergence of a new country there had been tension around because there were different cultures that joined together to form one state. This discrimination takes place when one group is treated differently from another based on his looks, clothes, and his social
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