Conflict In The TV Show Being Human

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A significant conflict in the show being human is the one faced by mitchell about being a vampire and also trying to live a human life. Mitchell is more than one hundred years old he was bitten by a vampire and now has lived on many generations as a vampire. He has met many other vampires just like himself and at one point in his long life he was in a clan with them. This clan would hunt and kill other humans for blood and mitchell didn 't like the life he was living so he left the clan of vampires to try and be human and live the life of one. Mitchell throughout the show struggles to deal with the fact that he is not human and that he is a vampire that craves human blood, mitchell at the start of his vampire life wants to kill and take blood…show more content…
He attempts to perform everyday tasks and struggles because he gets tempted to go back to the life he was living when he killed people and drank their blood. He overall does not want to kill and wants to be a human,a normal human that lives everyday life. The purpose of this in the show is to get the audience to think that mitchell is a good person, he does not want to kill and wants to live a human lifestyle the audience feels sympathy when they see that mitchell is struggling to get through day to day life without killing innocent people for their blood. An example of mitchell internal conflict is in episode five when he is doing a monologue, he asks “ where do i belong” he calls the curse he has a label, he later goes onto say “if only we let the labels hold” when he says that he is implying that the curse will not get to him and he will act as the curse isn 't there and that he wants to belong and live as a human. The purpose of him saying this is that the audience watching will seem him as a strong man that doesn 't want to let the curse get to him and change him. Mitchell is relevant to every human in real life this is because he is scared and struggles to deal with going on the right path and doing the right thing because it is
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