Conflict In The Tell Tale Heart

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Life is full of conflicts and stories are full of characters. The best authors know how to use conflict to help develop their character’s traits throughout the story. “The Tell-Tale Heart”, by Edgar Allan Poe, is about a man who murders an old man because he thought that his eye was evil. “Hop-Frog” , also by Poe, is about a jester who eliminates the king because his friend, Trippetta, and him are being mistreated by the king and his ministers. The Fault in our Stars, by John Green, is about a girl who has cancer who is fighting for her life and she falls in love with a person named Gus. Both authors use conflicts to show how the main character handles conflict in a positive, or negative way. One way that the authors show how the characters handle conflicts is in a positive way. In the book The Fault in Our Stars, the character, Hazel, deals with conflict in a positive way. Even though Hazel has cancer, she does not let this stop her from doing what she wants. Of course, she cannot do everything that everyone else can, but she fights for her life no matter how hard it gets. She wanted to go to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author, but she was told she could not go due to her condition. Even though she was told she could not go, she went any ways, and she was superior. In addition, when Gus died, she was depressed. However, she fought through the pain of him not being there anymore because she realized that…show more content…
Some examples of how characters deal with conflicts in a positive way can be seen through The Fault in Our Stars and toward the end of “Tell-Tale Heart”. Some examples how characters handle conflict in a negative way can be seen through the stories “Hop-Frog” and in the beginning of “Tell-Tale Heart”. This concept does not just apply to books, it also applies to real life. The way that you handle conflicts will impact who you are and the people around
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