The Importance Of Conflict In The Workplace

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INTRODUCTION Conflict is real which exist in today’s workplace . Conflict is a work place can be functional or nonfunctional .The level conflict , can be aiding in the organization as it applauds employee to search for preferred ways to perform their works and we can also eradicate group thinking. nonfunctional conflicts brings stress and frustration to the employees in the organization. In this generation there are many families now have both spouses(husband & wife) working, and they should also balance their private & professional lives become very necessary to an employee.To be competitive organisation are burdening stress on their employees in regardence of competitors . Employees are facing high level of stress & frustration in their respective private and professional lives roles are same which are imposed on other person in other part of world. If at all work-life conflicts decrease to the employee then the productivity of the organization automatically increase in the organization. When the worker’s desires and wants are not obtained by the organization, then in organisation work conflicts raises and this is very hazardous for both company and the employees. What is work conflict ? Work conflict is a inter-dependant conflict among both professional and private life . It is very clear that all the organization desires to increase…show more content…
For instance,a sudden meeting late in the day may prevent a parent from picking up their child from school. Family to work conflict appears when experiences in the family intervene with work life like presence of small children,occupational burnout, primary responsibility for children, elder care
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