Conflict In Things Fall Apart

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Many people experience conflicts everyday. There are many types of conflict. Man versus man is the most common conflict people experience. You can either react in a good way or in a bad way. People that react to conflict in a negative way affect others in a negative way, and people that react to conflict in a positive way affect people in a negative way. In Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, we see the main character Okonkwo reacting to conflict in a negative way. Okonkwo has a very short temper, and small things will put him over the edge. One time his wife did something to his banana tree. It was something very small and made him very angry. He lost his temper and got his gun. He went and shot next to her to scare her. Okonkwo reacted to this conflict very negatively. This caused a negative impact on his wife because it probably almost scared her to death. She will never forget this experience.…show more content…
This makes me very angry, and I get into these kinds of conflicts all of the time. They usually say something about sports or how they did something better than me. I hear them and I just let it go. This is one way to deal with conflict. You can take it and look the other way. This has a positive effect on the people around me at the time because I reacted to the problem in a positive way. If I would have reacted in a negative way, that could result in a fight and other people getting hurt. People should react this way to conflict. People hurt others when they react negatively to a conflict, and people that react positively to a conflict usually help or make no change to the other people. You should always find a way to react to conflicts in a good way. When you and another person has a problem with each other, you should never hurt or harm the other people. Always turn the other way and find another way to deal with
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