Conflict In We Were Liars

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Woah, there 's a fire! In We Were Liars one of the main conflicts is that there was a fire. In this essay I am going to tell you about a book called We Were Liars. It is called this because Cadence, the protagonist and her friends made a group together. This group is called Liars. There are two main conflicts in the book. One is the fire and the other is that Cadence can 't remember the fire. The first big conflict in the book is that the aunts argue a lot. They are arguing about who gets what when Harris, the grandfather, dies. All the aunts try to make Harris happy so they get their inheritance. The lairs think it is their job to stop the aunts from arguing. In the book it states “...Or they could be listening to the aunt argue…”(Lockhart 31). This is important because it shows how the Lairs are listing to the aunts to see if they can stop them from arguing. The Liars come up with a plan to stop the aunts from arguing. They were going to burn the house that the aunts wanted down. But the plan didn 't turn out to happen the way they thought it was. The book says “Gat, Johnny, Mirren, and me. We set a fire and it’s burning down…show more content…
The first thing Cadence remembers of the accident is that there was a fire. She goes to talk to the liars about the fire. The liars tell her how the fire started. The book states “Me, Johnny, Gat, and Mirren. I remember this now, in a rush that hits me so hard i fall.” (115 Lockhart). After this cadence starts to remember more about the fire. Like that the dogs died in the fire. Adventrally Cadence remembers that all of the liars died in the fire and her injury just made it seem like they are still alive. The book states “And here, I have killed them, I have killed them… kill them. My Mirren, my Johnny, my Gat.”(208 Lockhart). Cadence thinks its her fault that the liars are dead. She starts to think of ways she could of prevented the fire. At the end of the story cadence say goodbye to all of the liars and she never sees them
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