Conflict Is Inevitable In Human Life Essay

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Conflicts are inevitable in human life. It is also inevitable in organizations or even between nations. Conflict is an inseparable aspect of people’s as well as organizations’ life. The conflicts in the organization are mainly due to the result of competition, leadership method, lack of common resources, etc. A conflict needs to be well and timely managed, else it can lead to low productivity or service delivery. If managed well , it can give positive result. A method should be adopted where the causes of conflicts should be noted down as soon as the conflict is noticed. Conflict is an inseparable part of people’s life. A conflict can be viewed as a positive or a negative side of coin. Now in my current organization the problem is mainly of…show more content…
So, the administrative action that is basically taken upon by the admin department of the company are clashing with the cultural values and thus there needs to be an impulsive action taken o upon where there can be peace in the organization. But as said, a conflict can be a positive or negative one depending on the angle from which we perceive. Here, as ,mentioned the conflict is creating a problem , it thus needs to be resolved in manner where the administrative department needs to keep their action in mind according to the cultural values, ethics and codes of the organization. Basic conflict as discussed above, when resolved, or an attempt to resolve requires the cause to be noted when a conflict is noticed in the slightest possible way, thus, when in the organization this problem is being witnessed, the root cause needs to tackled well in advance. Identifying the conflict elements, emotions, behaviour and contradictions, then we may act towards transforming changing the orientation of the conflict and making the different parties aware of the elements of conflict. Lastly , I would suggest the solution, that is, changing the elements and allowing transformation of the conflict direction, which is leading to the solution
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