Conflict Management In Ordinary People

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Throughout the film, Ordinary People, the Jarrett family deals with sudden severe tragic news. When the news was received of their son Buck getting in an awful boating accident, the family became a mess. The relations in the family for each family member became weak, due to lack of communication. Beth, Calvin, and Conrad all could have related back to the conflict management skills to help them as a whole. Mother Beth shows the side of violence in the conflict managing side. When the topic got brought up of her son Buck, she would always turn against it. Often times she would get emotionally upset which led to her avoiding the situation. Whenever she does the silence act, she knows that she needs to get away from the situation. The way that…show more content…
Throughout the film, you could visually see in numerous ways the acts of violence or silence. At the start, Conrad is against wanting to call the doctor's office to communicate with Doctor Berger. Finally, Conrad calls the office, but he does not want to end up leaving his phone number for them to have. He thinks that it will help him in a way of avoiding all of his issues dealing with the situation of Buck. When he finally decides to go to the doctor, Conrad does not explain any of his problems. He goes insane when his father asks him to take a picture with his mother, because he knows that she does not want to and that she is upset because of what had happened. At swim practice one day, Conrad yelled at one of his friends for asking him a question, which is showing his violence. Conrad and his parents often got in arguments leading to him just walking away to avoid even more stress. When he found out that Karen had passed away, Conrad went into chaos mode. He went through the doctor’s office knocking things off the shelves showing the violence of the situation. All the family could have used the method of state. The Jarrett family went entirely under stress mode when they found out about their son in the awful boating accident. They had very poor communications skills after the death, because they were all extremely upset. The conflict management that could have helped this family could be creating emotional and physical safety, contrasting,
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