Conflict Management In South Africa Literature Review

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UNIVERSITY OF JOHANNESBURG CONFLICT MANAGEMENT MINI RESEARCH submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the subject PROJECT MANAGEMENT - M6MEM19 At UNIVERSITY OF JOHANNESBURG By SAMUEL MLANGENI STUDENT NUMBER: 809911452 2014 Table of Contents Abstract 1 Introduction 1 What is Conflict? 1 Literature Review 2 What is conflict management? 3 Conflicts in a Project 3 Methodology 4 WAYS PEOPLE DEAL WITH CONFLICT 6 The Turtle (WITHDRAWING) 6 The Shark (FORCING) 7 The Teddy Bear (SMOOTHING) 7 The Fox (COMPROMISING) 7 The Owl (CONFRONTING) 7 Conclusion 8 Reference 8 Abstract Conflicts poses a risk in Aviation industry in South Africa. This study focuses on the South African Airways Technical as the MRO in South Africa that is infused by multi-racial groups with different cultural backgrounds. Political orientation has influence conflicts with these groups. This paper analyses the relationship between historical and current view of the people working in these industries. Two working groups with same training and qualification to a certain degree. Those who have been working in these industries for years found themselves disgruntled and those who are found themselves being stopped from progression. This kind of conflict has contributed in both parties not being able to tolerate one another. These results emphasize the capacity of Project Managers to sort out and collaborate even in greatly powerless circumstances, building trust and correspondence
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