Conflict Management In Tesco

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In the current working environment, it is important for the employers to maintain the communication bridge between their employees by different means and motivate them to increase their work productivity. Moreover, because of the increasing competition in the retail sector, it is important for the managers and leaders to maintain the communication bridge with their employees to give competitive working so that it can increase organisation’s productivity in the market place as it is studied by Karatepe & Shahriari (2014).

2.2.5. Conflict Risk
It is observe in the report of Jia (2014) that one of the main problems in organisation is the management of conflict within its internal staff. The main reason of the increasing conflicts in the internal staff of organisation in the increasing employee turnover and it is important for the organisation to manage the conflicts and maintain their work productivity. Moreover, in regards of Tesco, it is even more important for the company to manage conflict management in order manage their employee globally and maintain their work productivity.

2.3. Strategies for Organisation to Reduce Negative Effects of Employee Turnover
2.3.1. Evaluating Strategies
Dong (2014) stated that it is important for an organisation to develop withholding strategy as precaution in organisation in order to implement it in case of emergency. Moreover, there are certain steps to evaluate the strategy that further include,
The first step in the retention strategy
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