Role Of Management Style In Conflict Resolution

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Management Style and Conflict Resolution
Conflict will always be a problem in and outside of the work area, but there are resolutions to solving the conflict. One of the resolutions is the guidelines and policies that were set in place to protect those in the work environment and hopefully management and employees will follow the rules to make sure conflict is not in the work place. A lot of times Conflict is going to happen whether you like it or not and a lot of time it starts with management in how they react to certain employees, Ideas, and the treatment of fairness. Everyone is never perfect and especially when it comes to management style, but hopefully with learning guides and training programs this can change, management can work on making sure there is no conflict but all employees are
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Ignoring conflict in the workplace can be a costly decision. Management should take the reins while encouraging employees to address their issues to make the workplace more productive and profitable. One important aspect of conflict resolution in the workplace is an open-door policy where employees always feel they can approach anyone in the organization with an issue they may be having or one they have witnessed in the business (Anthony, 2017). When Management had retaliation against me I knew either way, the solution to be solved is to communicate with my manager and see how we can fix the problem, but as an HR representative we need to play an important role in the conflict resolution.
The human resources manager or department should play a role in conflict resolution management. In addition to including outlined policies in the employee manual, human resources professionals can act as mediators in a dispute. They can bring both parties together in a meeting to discuss the conflict, guide the exchange and help each party to arrive at a satisfactory solution to the conflict.
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