Conflict Management Strategies

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1.2. Statement of the Problem This study aims to address the problem of applying conflict management strategies in the public sectors. It is not well known how and to what extent conflict management strategies create employee motivation and innovations and in turn lead organizations performance and/or otherwise be a challenge for the goal of organizations especially in public sectors (Agbal and Juliana 2013). As stated in the background of this study conflict is inevitable and has many sources in the life of organization. What is the great challenge is how to manage it? If it is not properly managed, it has so many destructive impacts. As stated by scholars many public managers adopt a decision rule of conflict avoidance rather than actively…show more content…
These elements are important when a manager deals with functional or dysfunctional Conflicts. It should be early identification of the conflict, early evaluation of the impact of it on performance of employees, and it is necessary to make a plan for encouraging functional conflict or managing dysfunctional conflict (Agba1 and Juliana 2013). According to them the primary strategies for conflict management in the public sectors are: initially education is the key. It incorporates research into conflict and the distribution of the knowledge gained from that research. The other strategy is communication which is the foundation for successful conflict administration sharing lessons learned and even failures will enhance the ability of public administrators in dealing with conflict. So in this scenario communication will help harness the energy from conflict. The final strategy they already identified is training which is about conflict aim to increase the effectiveness of public organizations through knowledge gained and shared can be translated into useful skills for all public sector actors. Even though, public sector conflict management strategies have so many advantages for the successes of both the employees and organizations, it needs high involvement from the top management and other senior officials. Application of conflict management system depends on the commitment and attitude of top management in addressing conflict events starting from identifying, analyzing and understanding the cause of conflict up to applying the conflict management systems in the organization (Bankovskaya

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