Conflict Of Ethnic Minorities In Myanmar: Conflict And Conflict

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Throughout the conflict of ethnic minorities in Myanmar, policies were used by the government in different periods of time to prevent and ceasefire the problems both soft and hard ways. Numbers of talks and agreement attempted to be reached and finalized. In this part of the research, will examined the main and important attempts used by the government to solve the conflicts and the policies in which both create a better environment for peace and create the breakout of violence.
In the past, Myanmar under British rule was using “divide and rule” policy with the ethnic minorities due to the differences of the terrain and weather which made it hard to govern and block the communication and transportation. Beside the physical factors, these ethnic groups are having different cultures and languages, which no or less attempts from the government at that time to bring them together and make them feel as one Myanmar rather than an ethnicity. Not being accepted and discriminated catching the fire of violence and arm rebellions of ethnic minorities demanding for self-determination and equality.
Before the British colony left the country, the conference was held in Panglong in order to discuss the future role and status of people in the Frontier areas after independence of the Myanmar at Panglong. The conference led by General Aung San, who was viewed as a nationalist hero of Myanmar trusted by the ethnic minorities, with the thought, from his interview, that “As for the people of

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