Conflict Of Interest: Case Study: Conflict Of Interest In A Business

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The case study that I chosen is the Conflict of Interest: Case study 2. As it mentioned in the case study, Hardeep who is the IT manager in a government department with more than 500 staff members and six branches across the Australia. He received the two offers from company A and company B of proposal (RFP) for the procurement of the software for the new ERP system. Now he is in an ethical dilemma when he has to choose the best offer, as he found out the offer who made by Mandeep is the general manager of company B is his best friend. He discovered that the offer from company A is better than company B. He realized that company B’s software may require more modification where increase the total cost. To resolve this conflict of interest, I would like to use Thomas White’s Framework. Thomas White’s framework for ethical decision making should be more useful to deal with situations in dilemma. White’s framework states: • Analyze the consequences and collecting necessary information. • Analyze the actions. • Making the final decisions. 01. Analyze the consequences and collecting necessary information. In Thomas White’s framework, the first task is to analyze the consequences by answering following questions. • Who will be helped by this decision? • Who will get hurt by the decision? • What type of …show more content…

According to my opinion, Hardeep should be fair to the company and give the priority to the welfare of the department instead of thinking about the personal relationships. Accepting a right offer will benefits to the welfare of whole department. As an example, “ACS Code of Conduct- Honesty: distinguish between your professional and personal opinions and

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