Conflict Problems In The Workplace

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This case is related to Conflict present in every organisation. It aims to present conflict management practices, their compliance with the diverse workplace environment and analyze the effectiveness of conflict management procedures based on workplace diversity and gender differences. The paper reviews the literature on conflict management, growth of main principles in the society, and differences in techniques based on gender characteristics. It discusses conflict structures, types, and challenges that may occur at a diverse workplace when managing conflicts and speak about the role of managers in the diverse working environment. It also suggests conflict management strategies for managers and employees in the organisation.

Due to a higher migration of people seeking personal development, better market opportunities and new challenges have opened up. Today’s workplace is a melting pot of diverse cultures which cause new grievances to the managers and has increased the requirements for conflict management techniques.
In every organisation, personalities or view collide and arguments inevitably ensue. There are different conflicts at each level of organisation. There are conflicts in department where employees have issues with each other, there is power struggle within senior management and there are conflicts within different organizations. But conflict can drive success or they should be

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